CIMS 2.1 Update

09th June 2022

Release Note CIMS 2.1 
9 June 2022 


This release includes a new feature for Criton Insight & Management Suite (CIMS) to allow users to upload and link PDF files, details below: 

Upload and link PDFs

How to use: When the desired button component is selected, you will be able to choose a button type. Our options include Call, Email, Download, Link and Social. For uploading pdfs, you want to select the LINK button type. When creating a new button, LINK will be the default type.

1. Click ‘Choose File’ to select the pdf file that you want to upload.
Before doing so, ensure that the name of the file describes the content as this will be automatically generated.

2. Click ‘Upload’ to create the hosted url for the file.
If it successful, a 
checkmark will appear next to the button and a clickable hyperlink for the uploaded file that will open the contents in a new tab.

3. If you have any problems or encounter an error message at any point please get in touch with our edits team at

Updates only take effect when the change is saved and will only feature in your app upon publication


ScopeA BUTTON with the LINK button type.