Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my price change?

Your price will remain as per the terms of your contract.

  • Will my app change?

Not initially although we are planning to merge our platforms and at that point there will likely be some changes to your app and additional features it can offer.

  • How long will my app take to change over?

This is dependent on the number of integrations you have, but we will give you more information once we have completed our full review

  • Will my point of contact change?

No, at this point you will continue to deal with the Criton team who are all remaining in place

  • Does this impact my contract?

No, your contract remains with Information Apps Ltd t/a Criton

  • Will we still be able to perform edits similar to in CIMS?

Yes, Nonius has more editing functionality than Criton currently does and so it's likely that eventually their easy to use CMS will be available to Criton customers.

  • Will I lose my analytics data from the Stores? 

No, all analytics will remain in place as we will continue to publish your app via your Apple Developer Account.

  • Will it look the same?

For now, the apps will remain the same, over time we plan to offer a choice of templates so you may choose to change how your app looks.

  • How much can I customise it?

Using the CMS, as above.

  • How will Push Notifications/In-App Messages work?

Nonius have a global push notifications system similar to kumulos and the ability to send messages to guests via the app

  • Hungrrr, Loop, Inspire add-ons, can I still use them?

Yes, Nonius offers similar modules but you will continue to be able to use these ones.

  • What Support will I still have?

Your support with Criton will continue as is.

  • How can I get extra information on the features that the merger of platforms will offer me?

You can have a look at Hotel app for Groups or Independent hotels - Nonius or contact us to give you a presentation