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A group app is one main app containing multiple apps.

Basically, if you have several properties or locations, you can create a group app and add each of your properties as an app within this main app.

This way, you can manage all your properties and you will not have to publish multiple apps if you have multiple locations.

To find out more about how to build your Group App, click the categories below and start designing!

Getting Started


Here you'll get an introduction to our app-building software, along with a tour of our CMS (Content Management System)

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Adding Properties


An explanation and guide to deciding how you want to display your properties on the homepage of your app

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Home, About & Contact

dashboard tour

Here you can decide how you want your Group App to look, add logos, start customising colouring & add information

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Adding Content

content in properties

Now you can add features to your Properties, this guide will assist with explaining the different types we offer

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designing & customising

Now you've got content you can customise the colouring of the app to suit your branding with our handy guide

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Test & Publish

Get your app live

Congratulations! Now you've built your app, you're ready to see it live on your phone. Advice for getting it published

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Other Features & Hints


Once you've built your app, you may want to try some of our more advanced features and tips to make it even better!

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