Release Information

See details of our latest releases and updates to the product.

July Releases

12th July

  • We've fixed some minor bugs and made general improvements

May Releases

22nd May

  • We've made improvements to our Loyalty functionality. Guests are now able to create Loyalty accounts in app. It is now possible to set a custom banner image for the Loyalty login screen
  • We've directly integrated with Mews to offer our Pre Check-in functionality. Contact to integrate your PMS with your app

9th May

  • It is now possible to send push notifications at the group app level. These can be sent from the notifications page by selecting which units should receive the notification
  • We've made improvements to our Twitter and Instagram pages
  • We've fixed a couple of minor bugs

April Releases

25th April

  • We've fixed some minor bugs and made general improvements

12th April

  • We've made improvements to our Weather and Loyalty pages
  • We've fixed some minor bugs and made general improvements

March Releases

29th March

  • We've made improvements to our Loyalty and Pre Check-in pages
  • We've improved the performance of our push notifications
  • We've fixed a number of minor bugs

15th March

  • We’ve added Loyalty functionality powered by Inspire Loyalty. Get in touch to find out how to integrate your Inspire Loyalty account with your Criton app.
  • We’ve rebuilt our Weather, Facebook and RSS features to improve their functionality. These new versions can be now be added to any Custom Page and will replace the current versions which are now considered depreciated. We will contact you in due course to discuss migration from the old version to the new.

February Releases

27th February

  • We've made improvements to our pre check-in functionality, you can now request additional information from your guests when they check in. Click here to find out more about integrating your PMS with your Criton app
  • We've made performance improvements and fixed some minor bugs

15th February

  • Updated the app builder to make it easier for you to manage your units, specifically if you have a large number of units
  • Updated the custom page feature so you can now choose the number of rows to display in your image galleries as well as being able to add links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Squashed a number of bugs to improve stability

January Releases

31st January

  • In this release we've focused on improving language consistency across the app builder
  • We've made stability improvements to push notifications
  • We've made performance improvements and fixed some bugs

16th January

  • Happy New Year! In our first release of 2019, we've added multi-user functionality to our app builder. This will allow you to give additional users access to specific apps in your account.
  • We've also fixed a number of pesky bugs!

December Releases

12th December

  • Feedback functionality is now available powered by GuestRevu
  • Pre check-in functionality with PMS integration has been introduced, get in touch to trial this integration
  • Improvements to custom lists
  • Security improvements and bug fixing

November Releases

28th November

  • Performance improvements and bug fixing
  • Release information is now displayed in the app builder

12th November

  • We've revamped analytics for single and nested apps, you'll now be able to view metrics for your app
  • We've revamped the payment and registration pages on our new website.
  • We've made changes to the app builder previewer phone, when navigating to a feature this will update the phone with the correct page.
  • We've made some styling improvements to our new digital door key page.
  • We've made performance improvements and fixed several pesky bugs!

October Releases

31st October

  • We've improved styling consistency across all of our integrations pages, making it clearer as to what this offers and providing more information about these on our new website.
  • We've improved the styling and clarity of our error pages, hopefully you'll never see these!
  • We've added a browser compatibility warning for users of our CMS. This has been optimised for Chrome on desktop, we suggest you use this for the best experience.
  • We've fixed several pesky bugs!

September Releases

5th September

This release contains:

New features

  • Geo-fenced push notifications (contact for more information) 
  • Ability to create copies of group apps


  • Content management system and app bug fixes
  • App performance updates

20th September

This release contains:


  • Previewer phone bug fixes
  • Updates to links on iOS web apps
  • App & CMS bug fixes