Release Information

See details of our latest releases and updates to the product.

Our latest feature addition is the ability to create geo-location push notifications. If you would like to find out more information on this functionality, please contact us at

October releases

31st October

  • We've improved styling consistency across all of our integrations pages, making it clearer as to what this offers and providing more information about these on our new website.
  • We've improved the styling and clarity of our error pages, hopefully you'll never see these!
  • We've added a browser compatibility warning for users of our CMS. This has been optimised for Chrome on desktop, we suggest you use this for the best experience.
  • We've fixed several pesky bugs!

September Releases

5th September

This release contains:

New features

  • Geo-fenced push notifications (contact for more information) 
  • Ability to create copies of group apps


  • Content management system and app bug fixes
  • App performance updates

20th September

This release contains:


  • Previewer phone bug fixes
  • Updates to links on iOS web apps
  • App & CMS bug fixes