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A Single App is our regular type of app.

It works best for a single property or location.

It will have your location’s branding and content.

To find out more about how to build your Single App, click the categories below and start designing!

Getting Started

Introducing our CMS

Here you'll get an introduction to our app-building software, along with a tour of our CMS (Content Management System)

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Adding Content

Explaining our features

Get an explanation of the features you can add, including the differences between Custom and Pre-built pages

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Layouts, images & colouring

Now you've got some content, decide on the layout for your app and customise it with some of your own branding & colours

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Test & Publish

get your app live

Congratulations! Now you've built your app, you're ready to see it live on your phone. Advice for getting it published

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Other Features & Hints

extra guides

Once you've built your app, you may want to try some of our more advanced features and tips to make it even better!

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