Adding Pages

To start adding pages to your app, start clicking from the “Add pages” section.

We have a variety of different pages you can add, including pre-built pages in which we have offered some boxes for you to fill in, and Custom pages for you to build from scratch!

See a list of the different pages below:

We'll go into more detail about these pages further on in this section.


With all of the pages, there are a few sections that can be customised, including the page name and icon.

  1. Page Name – click in the box and type the name you wish to change it to
  2. Page Icon – clicking here changes the page icon image.

You can select from our Library of pre-loaded icons or add your own.

If you wish to add your own, they can be added as a png or jpeg, and downloaded from icon websites.

When you upload your own icon from file, you can make it colorizable to match the rest of the icons.

Once you click OK, the image will appear in the Feature Icons list and you can then click to add it to your app.

  1. Change Background image – click the arrow to open the background viewer box.

(This overrides the background colour chosen on the Colours page)

Click the box and add the image you wish to add to the background. The recommended image size is 1242 x 2208 pixels, though you can resize once you have uploaded.

Resize as required and then click okay to add.


The next article goes into more detail about how to re-order your pages as well as deleting them