Check In / Out Form

Two of our pre-built Forms assist with Check-in and Check-out. These forms allow your user to request an earlier Check-in or later Check-out, with custom display messages & replies to show once the form has been filled in.

The process to add them to your app is the same for both.

Select the page and click to add. As with all pages you can change the page name and image if you wish to.

Next, enter the email address where you want the requests to go to.

Now add a custom message that will displayed at the top of the form. This can be used to explain your normal Check-in/Check-out policy, along with any charges that may be incurred by varying them.

The reply message will appear on-screen once the form has been submitted. This can be to let users know that their request has been received and to expect a reply soon.

When all the fields are completed, click “Save”.