Creating A Single App

Once you’re ready to get started, click the Blue “Create app” button and enter the app name into the pop-out box. Don’t worry too much, you can always change this later!

Click “Create app” and you’ll see that your new app appears in your dashboard.

There’s no limit to how many apps you create, and they will all be listed here.

You can view and control a lot from here, including:

  1. The App Icon – this is added later on in the build
  2. Delete – to remove your app completely, click here and follow the instructions
  3. Edit – click here to start designing!
  4. Publication – choose this option when you’re ready to publish
  5. Copy – helpful if you want to duplicate your complete app
  6. Status – shows the current status of this app

The next article explains what happens once you click Edit on your Single App