Dashboard Tour - About & Contact

The About & Contact pages allow you to offer some more information about your group. These pages sit in the Hamburger menu if that option is selected, or at the bottom of the screen if Bottom Tab Bar is selected.


These pages are very similar to Custom Pages, as they offer the flexibility of adding:

  • Text Boxes
  • Phone Links
  • Email Links
  • URL Webpage Links
  • Attach PDFs
  • Location Buttons
  • Images
  • Videos


With the About & Contact pages, you have a number of options to start building the content. You can use the boxes we’ve added and fill in your own details, or delete these and add your own!


  1. Text Box – click to add text to your page
  2. Phone – allows you to have a link to a phone number
  3. Email – creates a link to send an email
  4. Link – adds a URL link for a website
  5. Attachment – attach a PDF document to the page
  6. Location – create a location pin to Google Maps and list address
  7. Single Image – add a single image to the page
  8. Gallery – add multiple thumbnail images to the page
  9. Slider Gallery – add multiple sliding images
  10. Video – embed an uploaded video or linked from a website
  11. Show in app – allows you to turn the page off so it’s not shown on the app