Design your single / property app

Once you have added features you can then choose the Design layout, as well as adding Background images.


Design 1

There are 16 different layouts you can choose from. These layouts effect the way that the pages sit on the home screen.

The options are:


Below is how these options look on your screen:


You can come back and change this at any time and it won’t effect any other changes you’ve made.


Homepage Banner

Once you’ve selected a layout you’re happy with, you then have the option to add a Banner which sits at the top of your Homepage.

Homepage banner

This can simply be one static image (e.g. your logo) or you can add multiple images to make a slideshow.

You need to set the height of your banner before adding any images – if you want to change this afterwards, you will need to re-add all of your images.

To add a Homepage Banner, first click the checkbox to Enable, then choose your banner height.

This height dictates how far the banner you add will drop on the screen. For example, the default Banner Height setting is 30% which takes up 30% of the screen.

The Duration (seconds) is the length of time each image stays on screen if you add more than one. The Banner images act as a carousel, scrolling across through each image for a set amount of time.  You can alter the length of time each image is displayed by entering a new number.

Next add your image or images. You will be given the chance to crop each image based on the banner height you select, so be sure to select the banner height first.

Banner 2

The minimum width for Banner images is 810 pixels. The height is dictated by the Banner height percentage. For example, a drop of 30% is a height of 432 pixels. See further examples below.

35% = 810 x 504

45% = 810 x 648

55% = 810 x 792

65% = 810 x 936

75% = 810 x 1080

85% = 810 x 1224


Banner in app


Homepage Background Image

Homepage background

The background image is the main picture on the homepage of your app, behind the page icons. You’ll need to select images for both Phone and Tablet.

The recommended size for the Phone image is 1242 x 2208 pixels, the Tablet size is 1536 x 2048.


Status Bar & Font

  1. Status Bar is the bar along the top of your screen on a phone or tablet, which displays information such as the time and battery level. You can choose whether or not to hide this status bar when your app is viewed.
  2. Currency allows you to select the currency used throughout your app.
  3. Font lets you decide on the font used in your app. This effects the homepage icons, headers, forms, weather and buttons. The font in text boxes can be altered from within the box itself.


The next article gives you tips and advice for changing your apps colours!