Single App CMS - An Introduction

Once you click Create Single App, it will appear on the Dashboard. Clicking “Edit” from there takes you through to the Criton Content Management System (CMS).

This is where you can build your app, by adding pages, features, images and text!

The main functions of the CMS are:

  1. Editor – this is where you start adding pages, designing and altering colours
  2. Analytics – view how well your app is performing!
  3. Users – when using the padlock function (see here), this is where you can see/add users
  4. Advanced Settings – learn about adding advanced features
  5. Features – here is where you start adding pages
  6. Design – choose the layout, add banners & background images
  7. Colours – decide the colours you wish to use on your app
  8. Publication – the area where you get your app ready for release!
  9. Preview Phone – view the current state of your app live
  10. Add Pages – select the pages and features you wish to add


Now you're ready to started adding pages, go to the Adding Content section in Support to learn about more about the different types.