Test & Publish

Congratulations for getting to this stage!

Now you’ve finished adding features and designing your app, you’re ready to Test & Publish...


The image below explains some of the features on this page.

  1. Application Name – the name of your app as it will appear on the App Store and Google Play. This can’t be longer than 30 characters.
  2. Your Website – A URL with information about your app. This must begin with either http:// or https://
  3. Description – A description of your app, detailing features and functionality.
  4. Short Description – A brief summary of your app.
  5. Tags (Keywords) – One or more keywords that describe your app. Keywords make search results more accurate. Separate keywords with a comma.
  6. Start Screen Image – this is your “Splash Screen” image, which your guests will see whilst the app loads on their phone, so make sure it fits with your brand. The minimum size is 932 x 1656 pixels.
  7. App Icon – Your brand on your users phone! Your app’s icon will appear on your users home screen. The minimum size accepted is 512 x 512 pixels, the recommended size is 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  8. Google Play Store Graphic – Make sure your feature graphic is professional, it showcases your app in the Google Play store. The minimum size accepted is 512 x 250 pixels, the recommended size is 1024 x 500 pixels.
  9. Test my app – once you’re ready to have a webapp version of your app to test across your devices, click here and we’ll email you a link! This usually takes around 24 hours. Once you’ve clicked this is will disappear.
  10. Ready to publish? – after you’ve tested your app and you’re happy for it to go live to the App Stores, click here and we’ll be in touch with you! Once you’ve clicked this is will disappear.


The first step is to click Test My App. We'll then send you an email within around 1 working day, which will have a URL link for your Web App.
Open this on a mobile phone and follow the instructions to save it to your Home Screen.

This will then act as a Web App. From here you can start looking at the content and make any changes you need to, all of which will appear live on your app.

As soon as you're happy with this and ready to go live, come back to your Test & Publish page and click Ready to publish. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss your options!